Jack Squat Pinot Gris

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Pack Size: Single 750mL
Single 750mL
12-pack carton

Jack Squat Pinot Gris 750mL Bottle 0.0%

Introducing Jack Squat.
A whole bunch of fun without the alcohol.

We've gently removed the alcohol from this premium range of wines, leaving natural aromas and flavours from all your favourite Tamburlaine
organic favourites. It's the perfect dealcoholized alternative for any occasion. Best consumed the day of opening.

It's organic.
It's vegan friendly.
It's alcohol free.

A pale straw complexion with lifted white flowers and citrus notes. Pear and crisp green apple flavours are framed by fresh and balanced acidity.

Tamburlaine Organic Wine has experienced incredible transformation in its vineyards in the Hunter and Orange Regions of NSW through the implementation of contemporary organic thinking. The health of the soils and vines has improved, resulting in consistently high-quality fruit. With a vineyard expansion to approximately 450 hectares and an annual production of around 200,000 cases, Tamburlaine has become a significant player in the wine industry. The high altitude, cool climate conditions, and volcanic soils in Orange have solidified its position as one of Australia's top premium wine regions. The integration of biodynamic methods into their organic management has been shown to enhance soil health, which is now recognized as a key determinant of superior wine quality.

Tamburlaine Organic Wine follows the Australian Organic and Biodynamic Standard, maintaining organic certification through annual audits and minimizing the use of sulphur in their winemaking process. Since 2016, they have also removed the use of animal proteins in their wines and extended their range to include "preservative-free" wines for consumers with sulphur sensitivities. Led by Chief Winemaker Mark Davidson, the Tamburlaine team is dedicated to wine quality, process refinement, and innovation, despite the challenges faced on their organic winemaking journey.
  • Organic
  • Vegan Friendly

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