Dad & Dave's Brewing No Brainer Lager

Dad & Dave's Brewing

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Dad & Dave's Brewing Pilsner 375mL Can <0.5%

Our no brainer, non alcoholic lager is perfect for those who love the taste of beer without the added effects. Light, crisp and easy to drink. It's a no brainer!

Dad (John) and Dave are qualified brewers who are passionate in making approachable & sessionable craft beer, and have decades of experience in the hospitality industry between them.

We focus on using the traditional ingredients of malt, hops, water and yeast, and then combine these with some innovative ingredients and brewing techniques to live up to our motto – “We make beer, delicious beer!”

Dad and Dave's Brewing

Per 100mL: kJ, Cal, Carbs g, Sugars g

Ingredients: Pride of Ringwood hops

Product of Australia