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Beneficial Beer Co Pale Ale 375mL Can 0.5%

Our Pale Ale brew is the ultimate Aussie Classic reinvented. Mouth-wateringly tropical and delivering citrus notes in spades, you'll discover classic cues of pine and grapefruit. Our Pale Ale is so balanced with bitterness and caramel sweetness, you'll not only be on the wagon, you'll take control of the reigns and be the driver too.

"Brewed with pure Australian pale & caramel malts, it's fully fermented, resulting in a beer of <0.5% ABV. Copper in colour with attractive foam, we've used a combination of hops & hopping techniques to deliver a smooth, balanced bitterness combined with some fruity hop character."
Bruce Peachey
Co-Founder and Head Brewer
Beneficial Beer Co.

We are the Beneficial Beer Co. Australian made and owned non-alcoholic beer. Made to 3.5%, we only remove the alcohol, for a full fresh taste.

Beneficial Beer Co
  • Zero Alcohol
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Low in Carbs
  • Low in Sugar

Per 100mL: 93.0 kJ, 22.0 Cal, Carbs 4.0g, Sugars <0.1g

Ingredients: Hops, Malted Grains, Yeast, Purified Water

Product of Australia