Beneficial Beer Co Stone Cold Lager

Beneficial Beer Co


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Beneficial Beer Co Lager 375mL Can 0.5%

Our award-winning non-alcoholic lager is refreshingly clean with a pillowy white foam. The classic floral, spicy and slightly herbal well-balanced finish, will have you fooled that it’s not a full alcohol beer. So when a softie’s not your thing and a beer is on your mind, have a full-flavoured Stone Cold Lager.

"Classic all malt non-alc lager exhibiting traditional malt & estery yeast character as well as some subtle noble hop character. Lowish body balanced with soft bitterness. Highly drinkable & beery"
Bruce Peachey
Co-Founder and Head Brewer
Beneficial Beer Co.

We are the Beneficial Beer Co. Australian made and owned non-alcoholic beer. Made to 3.5%, we only remove the alcohol, for a full fresh taste.

Beneficial Beer Co
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Low in Carbs
  • Low in Sugar

Per 100mL: 69.0 kJ, 16.5 Cal, Carbs 3.6g, Sugars <0.1g

Ingredients: Hops, Malted Grains, Yeast, Purified Water

Product of Australia