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What is 〝Indie Beer〞?

Indie Beer, AKA independent beer, is beer made by independent 'craft' breweries.

These breweries are local businesses run by members of your community. They come in various sizes and types, from husband-and-wife teams to groups of friends or Australian investors. Not only do they provide valuable jobs for locals, but they also contribute to our national economy and social fabric.

Independent brewers are beer enthusiasts. Just wander into any brewery and absorb their devotion and determination to craft something genuinely extraordinary and one-of-a-kind. Indie brewers are all about being part of the community, creating the perfect local hangout, supporting local clubs and charities, and of course, brewing flavoursome beer, all while staying committed to sustainability!

Australia's beer scene is hopping! A new independent brewery pops up on average every six days. With over 600 independently-owned breweries spread across the country, they each bring their own flavour to the Aussie way of life.

Who are the Independent Brewers?

The Independent Brewers Association (IBA) defines an Independent Brewer in Australia as:

Any brewery or brewing company that is less than 20% owned by a large brewer and produces less than 40 million litres per annum.

Independent Brewers are a modest yet burgeoning segment within Australia's $6.5 billion retail beer market.

Independent Brewers:

  • Make up 97% of licensed breweries
  • Create over four percent of Australia's total beer volume, but account for a greater proportion of beer sales by value
  • Are located all across Australia, with 65% of Independent Brewers located in rural and regional areas
  • Sell their brews directly to the public, and 23 pour from their own taprooms

The Indie industry is a dynamic, thriving community, where brewers receive strong support from supply chain colleagues and professional advisors to expand and enhance their businesses and offerings in sync with demand.

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Behind the Seal

Australia joins a global trend of other countries successfully launching its own Independence Seal to help beer drinkers identify independent breweries. Like thousands of brewers in the USA, Canada and the UK, Australian Indie Brewers can proudly wear their independence as a badge of honour.

For the past decade in Australia, the term 'craft beer' perfectly identified local, independent microbreweries dedicated to brewing a diverse range of beer styles beyond what corporate breweries provide. 

But lately, big breweries have been getting in on the craft beer action by creating their own unique brews or buying up successful independent brewers. Indie brewers pride themselves on brewing fuller flavoured beers, being more innovative, and never skimping on ingredients. But with these acquisitions of credible independent breweries, that was now been turned on its head!

The word 'craft' evaded a clear definition, and was cleverly co-opted by corporate breweries, leading to confusion among consumers who desire to support independent breweries. But hey, ownership still counts for those beer lovers who know what they want! The demand for beer from indie breweries is like a social revolution fuelled by enthusiastic consumers.