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Willie Smith's Tasmanian

Willie Smith's Tasmanian Cider

Situated on 115 acres, our farm is 30 minutes south of Hobart in the Huon Valley, a thriving apple-growing region that has exported apples all over the globe and earned Tasmania the title of the 'Apple Isle'.

Four generations of apple farmers have tended this orchard. The Smith family know orchards like they know their apples. Through the thick and thin of the industry and a crisis or two. It’s a story of determination, spirit, and most of all; family. Our organic farm in the Huon Valley, has the cleanest air, the best soil, and the purest water on earth.

The cidery is located at our orchard, meaning the fruit travels the smallest distance possible from tree to bottle. One of the major benefits of this is we can see the trees blossom, the fruit grow, watch it get picked and make its way into the juice press. It’s a full circle process which all occurs in one place, right here on the farm.



16-pack carton