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Urban Alley

Urban Alley Brewery - Melbourne Made - Locally Owned

With a shared passion for delivering exceptional beer to the local community, Dean Grant and Bruce Davey seized the opportunity to establish their very own brewery. Their inaugural beer, Urban Ale, was meticulously crafted as a gateway beverage, bridging the divide between mainstream and craft beer. By infusing traditional recipes with innovative flavours and modern twists, Urban Alley Brewery has garnered numerous accolades since 2019, including prestigious awards from the Australian International Beer Awards, Independent Beer Australia, and the World Beer Cup, spanning categories such as draught, packaging, and design.

Urban Alley Brewery takes immense pride in brewing its beers locally, with a profound commitment to serving the needs of the local neighbourhoods. Their creations are thoughtfully designed to cultivate a sense of local acclaim and appreciation, which also applies to the brewpubs.

Urban Alley Brewery - Melbourne Made - Locally Owned.





24-pack carton